top of page is a winter-wear rental service based in sunny Singapore, lovingly created by a mother of three who has had massive experience with winter vacations and cold weather!

We offer ski and winter wear rental services in Singpore

How we started

Maureen, the owner,  grew up in Moscow, Russia which sees plenty of snow every winter. Her husband’s hometown, London, is also no stranger to freezing temperatures. As a result their young children always need to be decked out in thick, durable winter gear at least twice a year when they visit their grandparents.


What obviously happened as a result is that the children began accumulating more winter clothing than was obviously required in sunny Singapore!


It makes no economic sense to purchase winter wear for children who keep outgrowing it and end up with piles of hats, scarves, jackets and bulky outdoor gear which must then go into storage.


So, was born – the easy way to rent high quality, on trend winter/ski clothing for babies, children and adults in tropical Singapore.

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